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Continental Performance Tires Sales, Service, and Repair in Castro Valley

At Adams Tireworx we are big fans of Continental tires in general, and Conti Performance tires in particular. One of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, Continental continues to innovate, both in terms of capabilities of its tires, as well as manufacturing processes and quality of Continental tires.

Among the wide range of Continental tires we offer in Castro Valley, a special place is reserved for performance tires. Continental performance tires include SureContact™ RX, ExtremeContact Sport™, ExtremeContact™ DW, ForceContact™, PureContact™, ExtremeContact DWS06PLUS, SportContact™ 6, ContiSportContact™ 5P, and ControlContact Sport™ A/S and 4x4SportContact™.

Among the tires we particularly like is the ExtremeContact™ DWS06 Plus, a premium, ultra-high performance all-season tire. It can be used on passenger cars, crossovers, as well as SUVs. It offers year-round traction, and is designed to offer better grip on wet roads, extended tread life, and responsive handling.

Another Continental tire we like is the 4x4SportContact™, which is designed for light trucks and SUVs. It combines great traction and handling with a quite ride for those long summer adventures.

One more tire on our list, this one for those seeking extreme adventures, is the SportContact™ 6, which is designed for the truly powerful and sporty vehicles. It includes latest technologies for high speed stability and grip at the limit, not to mention responsive handling.

So if you are looking for Continental tires in Castro Valley, give us a call at Adams Tireworx. We can offer suggestions on how to best match new tires to the type of driving you do. Today your tire choices seem unlimited – we can help with narrowing them down to the tires that will give you years of performance and driving pleasure. Call us at the shop – we love to talk tires.

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