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Castro Valley Dunlop Tires Sales, Service and Repair​

Welcome to the leading Dunlop tires shop in Castro Valley – Adams Tireworx. We provide a wide selection of new Dunlop tires – from all season tires, to SUV tires, to sport tires.

Whether you need a single tire or a full set, our Castro Valley tire shop can provide you with full service tire replacement – new tires of your choice, tire mounting, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment if necessary. We can also fix TPMS sensor problems (tire pressure monitoring system).

Dunlop Tires Sales | Adams Tireworx

 Dunlop has been around for over a hundred years, and so more than a century of experience goes into making every one of Dunlop tires. Dunlop tires are built on high-performance technology that connects driver and road. For over 100 years Dunlop racing and consumer tires, have led the field in superior handling and driving performance.

At Adams Tireworx we offer a wide range of Dunlop tires, including:
All-Season Tires:

Dunlop Signature HP™, Dunlop Signature II™, Dunlop SP® 10, Dunlop SP® 31™, Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D® , Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D DSST® ROF , Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D®, Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D®ROF , Dunlop SP® Winter Sport M3™ DSST® ROF

Sport Tires:

Dunlop SP Sport® 01™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 01 DSST®ROF , Dunlop SP Sport® 2050™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 4000® DSST®CTT™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 5000™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 5000™ DSST®CTT™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 5000M™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 5000M™DSST® CTT™ , Dunlop SP Sport® 7000 A/S , Dunlop SP Sport® 7010 A/S™DSST® , Dunlop SP Sport® 600

Sport Maxx Tires:

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® 050 , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® 050 DSST® CTT™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® 101™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® A™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® A1™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® A1 A/S™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® A1-A A/S™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® DSST®ROF™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® GT

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® GT ROF™ , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® TT , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® TT DSST® , Dunlop Sport Maxx Race™ , Dunlop Sport Maxx RT™ , Dunlop Winter Maxx™ , Dunlop Winter Maxx® 2 , Dunlop Winter Maxx® SJ8 , Dunlop SP Sport Maxx® GT 600 DSST®

SUV Tires:

Dunlop Grandtrek® AT20™, Dunlop Grandtrek® AT21™, Dunlop Grandtrek® AT23™, Dunlop Grandtrek® PT2A, Dunlop Grandtrek® SJ6™, Dunlop Grandtrek® ST20™, Dunlop Grandtrek® Touring A/S, Dunlop Grandtrek® WT M3™ DSST® ROF™

Winter Tires

Dunlop Graspic® DS-3™

So if your vehicle needs a new set of Dunlop tires, give us a call. If you are not sure if the tires need to be replaced, just drop in and we will evaluate the state of the tires, and let you know if they need replacement, or if they only need to be rotated. In either case, we will also do a complimentary check of tire pressure and adjust it to manufacturer specifications. For any and all tire issues – just give us a call – we are happy to be of service.


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