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Tire Balancing

Tire balancing, aka wheel balancing, ensures that the weight is distributed correctly between the wheel and tire. A common symptom of an out of balance tire are vibrations in the steering wheel and seat that continues to get worse at higher speed, tires wear out quicker and poor fuel economy. As the roads continue to create wear and tear on your vehicle, it is common to cause the tire and wheel to lose its balance. As no wheel or tire is precisely round, some will even have what are called “hard spots,” which also contribute to wheel and tire imbalance. It is recommended to have your tires balanced every 10,000 miles or when you purchase new tires. Unsure if your tires are balanced or not? Come see Adams Tireworx and have a trained technician inspect your vehicle's tires. We will let you know if they need to be balanced.  So if you have any question about wheel balancing, or any aspect of tire maintenance, give us a call. While on the phone we can make an appointment for a time convenient for you, or you can request an appointment online.

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