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Tire Rotation Castro Valley

Tire rotation is an important component of the maintenance of your vehicle. At Adams Tireworx in Castro Valley, we know the importance of tire rotation – that’s why we offer lifetime free tire rotation to customers who purchase their tires through our shop. If you have bought tires somewhere else, we offer tire rotation at a nominal charge.

There are several reasons to have tires rotated on a regular basis:

  1. Tires tend to wear unevenly – by rotating them, we even out the wear, thus extending the life of the tires, and saving you money.
  2. Evenly worn tires provide a smoother ride.
  3. Better (safer) handling.
  4. Every time we rotate tires, we can do a visual check of your vehicle’s brakes – something that should be done on a regular basis.
  5. Every time we rotate tires, we also check tire pressure and adjust air pressure if needed.
  6. Rotating tires extends the lifespan of suspension components, as it reduces vibrations.
  7. Tire manufacturers require regular tire rotation to keep mileage warranty in force ( the one exception is if your vehicle has staggered tires – larger in the back, smaller up front – we can’t do tire rotation on those, but of course, tire manufacturers don’t offer warranty for staggered setup either).

How often should I have the tires rotated?

Being human, if it’s easy – we are more likely to do it. So an easy rule of thumb is to ask for a tire rotation every time you bring your vehicle for oil service. The ideal solution, of course, is to follow the protocol outlined in your vehicle’s Owner Manual/Handbook.

Naturally if you notice uneven tire wear, or unusual vibrations while driving – it’s time to bring your vehicle to a friendly tire store. In some cases, the uneven tire wear may be a symptom of a bigger problem – your vehicle may require wheel alignment.

At Adams Tireworx we have nationally certified technicians and equipment necessary to determine if the wheel alignment is necessary. So if you see uneven tire wear, bring your car to us – we will check it out and let you know how to get it back in top shape.

Making an appointment is easy – you can do so online, or simply call us.

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