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TPMS Service & Repair Castro Valley

What is TPMS and why do I care?  If you ever see that funny looking tire with an exclamation point lit up on your dashboard - it's the TPMS system trying to get your attention.

Federal Tread Act mandates that all vehicles be equipped with TPMS - tire pressure monitoring system.

There are two approaches to monitoring tire pressure - indirect and direct.

Indirect TPMS does not use physical pressure sensors. It simply measures air pressure by monitoring individual wheel rotational speeds and many other variables outside of the tire.

Direct TPMS sensors are located inside the tire, and send signals to the onboard computer to light up the TPMS light when the tire pressure falls by more than 25% of the manufacturer recommended value. 

If TPMS light comes on and stays on, it means one or more tires are underinflated. We recommend that you pull over to the side of the road where it's safe to do so, and check the tires. If they are just underinflated, proceed carefully to the nearest auto repair shop or gas station where you can inflate tires to the manufacturer specified pressure. Driving on underinflated tire causes additional friction and can heat up the tire to the point that it blows out - so drive carefully.

Obviously, if the tire is flat, it's time to pull out the spare - hopefully your mechanic has checked the spare last time you were in for the oil service, and it is inflated at the correct pressure.

If the TPMS flashes - system malfunction has been detected. Most often, though not always, it's the sensor battery that's gone bad.

Typical battery life is 5-7 years. Because the battery is encased in the sensor, if the battery dies, your mechanic will have to replace the entire sensor.

Any time the TPMS light is on or flashes - check the tire pressure (at least visually, though it helps to have a pressure gage in the car), then bring your car to your favorite auto repair shop to have the problem diagnosed and professionally repaired.

At Adams TIreworx we can help with simple TPMS light issues. Our sister shop, Adams Autoworx, is located next door and can perform full range of auto repair services including even the most complex TPMS system diagnostics and repairs.

So give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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