Self-Regenerating Tires

At Adams Tireworx we sell a broad range of tires, and we also keep up to date on the latest developments in the tire industry. Goodyear, a brand we offer, just announced a brand new initiative to create self-regenerating tires. 

In 2017 about 250 million tires were scrapped in the US alone. Goodyear scientists and engineers decided to redesign a tire, so it can regenerate thread as it wears off. Moreover, they feed data from sensors embedded in the tire into an artificial intelligence program that evaluates the way you drive, and alters the chemistry of the tire to better match your driving style. 

The secret to reCharge, as Goodyear calls this process, is a special cartridge that rides inside the tire. It contains a liquefied biodegradable tire compound under pressure. As the tire wears down, the pressure differential draws out the compound which oozes through channels in a grid-like structure that automatically molds it into proper shape. When it gets exposed to the air – on the surface where the tire meets the road -  it hardens, thus the tire never goes bald. Goodyear estimates that the tire lifespan will be somewhere between 100,000 to 300,000 miles. 

Unfortunately, these tires will not be available for at least a decade - they are still in the early prototype stage, and it will take years before the process is perfected, and some more years before mass production begins. 

For now, at Adams Tireworx, we offer regular tires, but we are looking forward to the new reCharge concept being put into production. Until then, if your vehicle needs new tires, give us a call – we are happy to be of service. 


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