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Dangers of Used Tires

There are many reasons why you should not put used tires on your vehicle. First reason is that it is not the safest tire. Many states are now beginning to ban or implement legislation as to what is considered a “sellable used tire”. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and Tire Industry Association (TIA) over the past few years have been purchasing used tires from tire stores across the country and found that each tire had some sort of minor or major issues such as excessive wear, severe dry rot and improper repairs. Another concern of buying used tires is that the tires could have been recalled and other damages might have been missed during the inspection that can cause accidents. Every tire that is sold used is void of all warranties and tire registrations so if the tire is recalled, the owner of the used tire will not be notified, and the recall would not apply to the used tire. Another reason to put into consideration, one will end up paying more for a used tir ... read more

Autonomous Electric Vehicles Suffer Accelerated Tire Wear

Autonomous Electric Vehicles Suffer Accelerated Tire Wear

According to the recent article in Business Insider, we are observing one more negative aspect of autonomous cars – accelerated tire wear.   Autonomous cars tend to be built on the electric vehicle platform. Unfortunately, the immediate torque occurring with electric vehicles causes accelerated tire wear.  So more frequent tire replacement will become the norm as autonomous electric vehicles become popular.   On the positive side, tire manufacturers are looking to build new sensors into the tires. Just like current tires have TPMS sensors that warn us if the tire is under-inflated, future tires will likely have sensors that will tell us when it's time to replace the tire.   In the meantime, if you have any doubts about your tires, or are not sure how to check if your tires are worn to the point that they need to be replaced, swing by the Castro Valley Tireworx shop on Park Way (behind the car wash). We will be happy to check the tires for you, and we will ... read more

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